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Yo...hahahahahahahahaha Empty Yo...hahahahahahahahaha

Post by Revered_Paramour on Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:56 pm

Hi, my name is... Undoubtedly_Powerful_Syco Or UPS for short... oh my god is that Epic or what!!! I go by another name on another forum... Schizo... that isn't the full of it, just a bit Twisted Evil I'm a badass legend in the underworld, when they hear that i'm coming they cower and fear what is coming. It'll be the day when a young buck comes out of the woodwork and tries to muscle in on what i've earned.... Twisted Evil I have powerful friends... [looks to the right] shhh they can't know about you yet! Your my ace in the hole. So needless to say... I won't always be watching but... will that guy be? Arrow haha

Yo...hahahahahahahahaha Kudajsigtry1

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