The Southernmost Guild Hall - Amethyst Hall

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The Southernmost Guild Hall - Amethyst Hall Empty The Southernmost Guild Hall - Amethyst Hall

Post by Revered Chaotic on Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:16 pm

At the Southern-most edge of Kaos City stands Amethyst Hall - the Guildhall of the Amethyst Star Syndicate. Perhaps a kilometer and a half from the main part of town, the dark stone and mortar building stands alone, seperated from the broken end of Main Street by a wide passage of water know as Death's Grotto. Just on either side of the river-like barrier, the land seems to fall into decay and rot; trees will grown stunted and deformed, even the crabgrass seems to dislike the area. The Hall itself is a short distance from the mainland, also carved atop dead ground with a seemingly never-ending bog permeating the air in which it towers. There is no bridge to close the liquid gap between mainland and the small islet which hold what some call "The Guild of Secrets", and none is needed, for the river ends at the base of the Hall's enter steps.

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The Hall itself looks almost as dour and undesirable as the surrounding landscape, and the eerie green lights that never go out cast a sickly hale on the ground and exterior walls. No shadows can be seen of the inside from without, for the windows are all illusion, and the green lights only accent. It is said that the guildhall is abandoned; a testament of a once great entity that had been destroyed in a faction war. If one were to ask in town about the Southern most guildhall, one would be branded a loon, and chased out by blade.


It is not so, however; if one would find the means to gain access to the impenatrable guildhall, they would find themselves standing within a massive stone corridor, the floor lined a dark purple carpet, and the pitch, twelve-foot high walls limned in an indigo glow that cast it's light on the carpet justenough to make it seem to give off it's own light.

The corridor itself is a long one, in the center of which rests a massive opened dome room, from the ceiling of which hang numerous chandaliers and ornate fixtures; the floor below, polished and finished wood upon which nine great, long wooden tables sat, each so tightly surrounded by matching wooden chairs of such varying ornate designs it threw the entire room out of style.

From that gathering room, our corridor splits into three directions; to the right, after a long trek down a corridor similar to the first, it ends in the barracks; the Guild dormitory where all initiates and newcommers are set to spend their first months or years - depending on how quickly they progress among the ranks. To the left, the corridor, much the same as all others, leads to the mess hall, or kitchen, and the various armories on either side before ending in a large spiral stairwell that leads to the upper levels of Amethyst Hall. The stairwair, of course, is guarded by two similarly dressed Shadows (a Rank of defender in the Syndicate) carrying crossing pikes and a smaller, glass weapon.

The last corridor, leading straight out of the dining hall, splits into two smaller hallways at what one would think would be the end. For perhaps fifty or sixty meters from the dining hall, the only thing to look at are the walls; these limned with the usual purple lights, now accented to light up a large variety of ornate wall tapestries and decor. At the at, the hall forks to the left and right; the right clearly leading to the Guild Infirmary while the left...another stairwell leading up into the upper levels. The stairway is unguarded, for it leads to only one room: the Guildmaster's Throne Room.

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