Rules for Free-Form RPing

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Rules for Free-Form RPing Empty Rules for Free-Form RPing

Post by Revered Chaotic on Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:11 pm

Okay, so these are less "Rules", perse, than guidelines. First, I wanted to start off with the reminder that the threads within this forum are not mainstream, so unlike most Role Playing sites, the threads will not be seperated into genre; at least not for the time being. Our goal here is to work the "Persistent RP World" above all else.

This forum is just for those time when you're at a stand-still with all or one of your characters, when you feel like role playing something other than the mainstream here on the site, or when you're just bored and looking for some short, face-paced snippet RP.

Rules for Free-Form RPing Huntmaster1
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