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Post by Revered Chaotic on Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:13 pm

Here, we have the few guilds it would take to run the organisation and running of a city. The following is a list of what we will call the "City-Guilds", as well as their duties to the city, Guildmasters, and...once we figure them out, names and link to the guildhalls of each. For now, I eill simply number the guilds, and takers of the Guildmaster position can offer the names afterward.

- The Azurulean Magistrate: Policing, Military, Law and Politics
Guildmaster: Tsin Destrius

- Guild 2: Mainstream Religion

- Guild 3: Harvesting, Growth of Resorces, Merchants and Trade

- Guild 4: Binding documents, Representation in court

- Guild 5: Science/Technology

- Guild 6: Laboring/Transportation

Anyone wishing to take up a guildmaster position, it's relatively easy: Send a requesting PM to myself with the subject marked with the Guild number. In the PM, tell me why you would like to take up the position, which guild, which character you will use (or is you wish to create a character solely for this position), and why you should be chosen to hold this position.

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