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Post by Revered Chaotic on Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:36 am

This Forums is for Quest posting only. If a situation develops IC, and an opportunity to bring a quest into play presents itself, this is here the quest post will go. There are simply rules to follow when posting a quest, and they are as follows:

    [1] The topic title shall be the name of the Quest (RPs will be made especially for the quest, in their own forum, so quest posts and RPs will have the same title.)
    [2] The proper way to post a quest shall be in the following format:

Revered Chaotic wrote:

Children have been taken from there homess! Interviews reveal that citizens believe that "Fiends" have somehow infiltrated the City Gates on the East end of Kaos City.

Client: Elder Scizzo - Guild's Gallows Tavern - Main Street - Kaos City
Mission Brief: Find and return Children of Kaos City
Reward: 250 Gold
Bounty(?): Yes - Kil'Jir, the Silver-Horned Demon (Seen near the Eastern Gates as recently ago as five hours)

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