The Sparring and Training Grounds

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The Sparring and Training Grounds Empty The Sparring and Training Grounds

Post by Revered Chaotic on Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:06 pm

Just behind the guildhall, covered in a thick veil ofgas and fog from the swamp-like Death's Grotto and surrounding dead landscape, the Amethyst Star Syndicate's guild training area and sparring arena lie side-by-side, one ringed in thick, ever-fresh hemp rope, the other ringed by steel gates. The southern most area, the one ringed by the hemp, had around it bleachers of a sort; high seating arrangements that ran the entire length and width of the arena. This area also had rows of armory and livery stall at either end, and a large circle drawn in the center of the ground. The arena's floor was govered in a thick layer of mud; what had once been dry and now had soaked through from the damp surroundings.

The second, and closer to the hall, was the training pit. Slightly smaller in size than the sparring arena, this shallow-bowl-shaped pit had only a few practice weapons hanging from flimsy weapons-racks that ringed the top of the bowel. There were, in the center of the arena, in a small cluster, several practice dummies, standing up much in the way a living being would. There was no granduer to this arena. No glory to be had here. Just tought lessons and endless practices.

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