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Post by Revered Chaotic on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:20 am

Alright, guys, here's the deal; today is Janurary 4th, and so far, aside from introductions, UPS and myself and Tasha hace been the sole IC posters. I want everyone, all nine members of the site to dat, to attempt either posting in a current thread, or making a thread of their own in which to post In Character.

Yes, I understand the site is still under construction, but I also want you guys to start having fun while it is. So, everyone has a one-week window - this should allow Tsin enough time to return and post IC, as well. I don't want the intrigue to die or the site to become stagnent before it's even opened up, guys, so put your thinking caps on now, and start thinking of a post.

If you have a character that will not readily fit into anything already created in any of the forums, please PM me with suggestions about something I make, forum-wise, that would make it easier for you to throw your character into action. This is a mandate, not a suggestion. Anyone who has an issue with this, can't post for various legitimate reasons, please let me know via Private Message (MP).

I will be making another town in the realm soon enough, but for now, I believe Kaos City, the Wastelands, or the Undercity would be enough of a place to start for I will be purging the memberbase in exactly seven days; removing anyone who does not post without previously sending myself a PM explaining why that haven't or anyone who has not posted in the Official "I'm Away" thread.

Thank You,
-Revered Chaotic-

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