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Post by Revered Chaotic on Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:31 pm

Name: Hothor Ki'Gron
Affiliations (Guild/Gang/Etc.): Guildless
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eyes: Reddish Hazel
Hair: Silver-Blue; straight, Medium-length
Build: Average, but fit and well-toned
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
Clothing: Black leather, shin high boots with dark grey wool round the tops; black cloth trousers, tucked into the boots; ankle-length black duster-style leather hooded cloak, insulated with wool matching the boots, usually left unfastened in the front to show off the muscle-tone and the crossing straps of his Souba and Claw-holsters
Age: 26
Other equipment (Weapons, etc.): Claw (Assassin's hand-bladed weapon), reverse-blade Souba
Character Sketch (Link to picture or img bbc):
Hothor Ki'Gron - Revered Chaotic Kadaj-Souba
Personality (Who is your character, really?): Fun-loving and carefree, Hothor usually seems uninterested in anything. He loves witty remarks, snide comebacks, and low-blows, but all this is just a guise; inside, Hothor is extremely personal, and would slice a man's face from his skull over the smallest slight to his friends.
Motivations (What is your character all about?): Hothor is simply trying to find a place in the world in which he lives.
Perks and Quirks (what is she/he good at? Where do they lack?): Hothor is good on his feet; fast all of mind, foot, hand, and mouth. He is a master in use of his souba, as well as other close-to-mid-range weapons. He is lacking in tactical expertise, and when he fights, he only uses one style. He puts too much faith in his quick- and sure-footedness, and sometimes that can be a downfall. Another is his inherent inability to hurt a woman. This has gotten him rolled over more times than he cares to count.
Character Background and History: TBA

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