Demographics for Kaos City (Under Construction)

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Demographics for Kaos City (Under Construction) Empty Demographics for Kaos City (Under Construction)

Post by Revered Chaotic on Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:18 pm

Area/Region Name: Kaos City
Area/Region Type: Mega-City
Area/Region Description: Koas City is the capital city in the Realm of Chaos. It is the largest metrpolitan area on the entire plane, where one can find any vice he or she seeks; prostitution, drugs, gambling, shopping malls the size of small towns, streets upon streets of name it, it's here. It the home of the guilds, resting between Guild Halls of the Realms Founding Guilds. Security is slim to non-existent, so if you are faint of heart, or in need of help...good luck; perhaps you should seek out Guild Personnel.
Major Export: Kaos City is known for it's rich gemstones. In the outer reaches of the city, to the South, the Marshlands merge with the cityscape and create the perfect atmosphere and geological compound for gemstones to be 'farmed'. Luckily for the citizens, this "farmland" is far enough away from the non-City-Guilds, that it is off-radar to most of them. On occassion, members of the Harvesting City-Guild and members of the Amethyst Star Syndicate have been known to fight small wars over the land, but these usuallu end with one or both parties controlling equal halves of the field.
Major Attractions: The "Guild of Guilds", the "Guild's Gallow" tavern, and "Main Street"
Geology: Mostly flat landscape, surrounded on the West by the Wastelands, the East by the Soulshaker Sea, on the South by the Marshlands(Coming Soon), and the North by the Gorge(Coming Soon)
Other: TBA

*Note: Further Information To Be Announced.

Demographics for Kaos City (Under Construction) Huntmaster1
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