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Post by Revered_Paramour on Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:22 pm

You walk up to the Dragon's Inferno, and you study the guild. It is a unimpressive looking building, it is at least only one story high, yet it looked well maintained. Suddenly you have reservations about joining a guild that seems like it can't house many people. As you turn to walk away, a man steps out of the guild, he is an impressive sight. He was over six feet easily, he had broad shoulders that slimmed down to narrow hips and had a well muscled chest. He had black hair that is Anime style, and falls to one side of his face. He was wearing a body armor that seemed to be an extension of his body, and he had a pair of swords strapped to his back and a handgun in a holster strapped to his right thigh. He sees you about to turn away, and he flags you down.

"Hold it! Didn't your teacher's ever tell you to never judge a book by its cover?" The man's voice might not be deep or as gravely as you might expect, nor is it a cliche'd tiny, squeaky voice. It is in between, and it is a nice baritone with a commanding sound to it.

You think what the hell. You'll give the man the benefit of the doubt. Once inside you realize, how wrong you were to judge the size of the place. A escalator made of a rope pulley system leads you down to the main floor, where it opens up to a huge main room, where there is a huge blazing fire going, adding a nice homely, feel to it. There are a few comfortable looking, yet well cared for reclining seats placed in a conservative way to ensure maximum heat distribution. You look around and see an area with a giant stage, and you notice that there are strategically placed couches and chairs. There is a door in the far corner of the room with a sign above it that read: Pool and Sauna. Following the man to a door, he found himself in what seemed like a room with nothing but doors, the man looks at the confusion on your face and laughs.

"This is the dorms, there are single rooms as well as doubles, it is Co-ed. Although it is frowned upon with members performing coitus, it is expected that the people be discreet. He goes to a door and raps on it loudly, he waited a moment before opening it. Inside was a lot bigger than what you'd expect for a room for one person. It was 13,500 cu. ft. in dimension, it had a double pillow topped, cloud foam mattress, that sat near the wall i the corner next to a huge bay window that was blank. There also was a antique armoire, it was easily 7 feet in height and it was about four feet wide. There was a bathroom set off to the side of the room. It held a toilet, sink, tub/shower combo, and to your astonishment a bidet as well.

"You wonder how big the double rooms are? Well the same in furniture just everything's doubled, yet the room is 27,000 cu. ft. in diameter." The man smiles at the impressed look on your face. "So what do you think? You wanna be a Dragon?"

You nod at him and he smiles, he chuckles. "I am Atreyu Calsatzy by the way."

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