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Post by Revered Chaotic on Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:18 pm

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards can be found in all taverns, as well as in the guildhalls, certain shops, and in well-populated areas of the streets. These boards carry missions and quests that may be taken on by the general population. They offer rewards that vary, depending on the individual quest or mission difficulty.

Guild Missions

Guild Missions are seperated into four(4) categories that include:
  • Advancement — These missions are used to advance in rank. They will change periodically to provide new challenges for guild members.
  • G2G — Also known as Guild-To-Guild missions, these are missions shared by two or more guilds to gain such things as Special Items, Territory, etc. With the exception of 'Guild Wars', all G2G missions will be "timed".
  • Call of Duty — These will be missions given to a GM(Guild Master) to be completed by a member of said guild who meets specified requirements. These are solely set up by the Council of the Guildless.
  • GuildQuests — these are regulat quests that are available only to guild members and not the general public.

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