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Syndicate Rank System Empty Syndicate Rank System

Post by Revered Chaotic on Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:33 pm

The following will be the list of Ranks in the Amethyst Star Syndicate, in order from Highest to Lowest:

  • Parun/GuildMaster ((The creator/Operator. All GM dicisions are final.))
  • SiC ((Second in Command))
  • Secrosage ((The council of magickers that spread information from the top tiers of the guild to the lower levels))
  • Guildmage ((Mages that specify in the magicks that help retain the Guild's secrets))
  • Inquisitor ((Commanders, to whom all lower ranks subserve))
  • Blade ((The Guild's Military Unit))
  • Shade ((Special Squad of specifically trained assassins))
  • Lieutenant ((Officers of the Guild))
  • Enforcer ((Policing Unit of the Guild))
  • Adept ((A known member who has given some contribution))
  • Ensign ((New Recruit))

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