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Ashton, Paladin of the Night - Undoubtedly_Powerful_Syco

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Name: Ashton
Affiliations: The Azurulean Magistrate, Dragon's Inferno.
Race: Human
Appearance: Ashton's face has been a source of mystery, as no one has seen his head when he isn't in his true form.
Eyes: silver orbs that appear to be swirling
Hair: Black, cropped close to his head
Build: Solidly built, with wide shoulders, that taper down to narrow hips, and a barrel chest.
Height: two meters tall
Weight: 220 lbs.
Clothing: Dark-grey Paladin Armor, outfitted with runes of power.
Age: unknown
Other equipment (Weapons, etc.):
Character Sketch:
Personality: Ashton is serious in his duties as a Paladin of the Night, he is usual a somber and taciturn man, unless he is playing as someone else. Usually in an attempt to carry out a mission of vital import, and chalks it up as part of the job.
Motivations: He is known to work both sides the law, and does anything in his power to make Kaos a better place
Perks and Quirks: Thought to be erratic and impulsive, woe to the fools who believe this.
Character Background and History: grew up as a urchin in the Undercity until he was 13, where he traveled topside and and accidentally broke into a "warehouse" that held an enormous amount of riches. Instead what he'd found were to seriously perturbed looking men. When they looked at his appearance they'd decided to sponsor him, they'd sent him to a special school where he learned the art of a Paladin of the Night. Where he specialized in the ability of changing forms, and prowess with a blade. He was the youngest ever Paladin ever entered into the ranks and he quickly ascended through the ranks due to his prowess and the help of his sponsors.


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