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  • Anyone flamming an admin will be immediately discharged from the forum. No exceptions. Keep your temper under control. If you kill my buzz, I'll kill your account.
  • Cussing is allowed. Try to keep it under control though.
  • If you have a problem with someone on the forum, tell a moderator, DO NOT try to solve disputes on your own, as this will only lead to drama, and all persons involved will be banned for a number of days for this.
  • Violence is accepted IC and in short OOC Role Play snippets. However, if you are asked to stop, DO SO IMMEDIATELY! This means: No bitching about how were you just kidding, No agging, no provoking.
  • When in an RP, No god-moding will be allowed, unless otherwise stated by both the Thread Creator, and a Global. If we get complaints, we'll take action(Refer to Rule 3).
  • No Double-Posting in RPs unless it's just to keep the game going.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING. Continually spamming the threads will first result in a warning or a ban for a couple of hours. The second time it happens, the ban will last between two days and a week. Third strike, and you're out. We hate to do it, but it makes it very difficult for people to concentrate.
  • We do not have a Mature Access Area at Kaosii Arena; There may be one soon to come, but for the time being we don't, so please try to keep all RPING to a TV-17 rating.
  • Please always adhere to copyrights, you can use others material but do not claim it as your own, give credit where credit is due.
  • Do not, under Any circumstances, advertise on this site. We will, at some point, have an affiliates program, if anyone wants their site linked to this one, please PM with a description of, the name of, and a link to your site.
  • No Rejects will be accepted as a member of this forum. *
- Rules are made to be broken...but so are people's pride. If you break my rules, You're a reject...