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Entranceway --> Main Hall Empty Entranceway --> Main Hall

Post by Tsin Destrius on Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:58 am

Located in the northen most section of Central Kaos City, looking down from on high stands the guild hall of the Azurulean Magistrate[x]. Shining in all manner of blue colors, the Magistrate serves as a highly defensible fortress in times of crisis and the upper most halls also provide a grand view of the city. This view not only makes it easier to direct and plan strategies to defend the city, it also provides a awe-inspiring view for it's citizens. Constantly having to crane their necks to see it, the guild hall is an obvious reminder to it's citizen's that justice towers above us all.

Stepping of the path and on to pavement brings one onto the bridge that leads into the guild's main hall. Adorning one side of the bridge are scales symbolizing the Scales of Justices, reminding it's viewers that Justice is fair, and on the other side are swords symbolizing the Sword of Justice, reminding viewers that Justice is also merciless to those who do evil. Nearing the grand double doors, one would be drawn to the depictions of thousands of previous guildmasters of the Azurulean Magistrate in the midst of their greatest deeds, whether they be bloody or peaceful. On either side of the doors stand men and women clad from head to toe in a brilliant white armor[x]. These are the elite soldiers of the Azurulean Magistrate, the main source of Kaos City's military strength. Fierce loyal and highly disciplined, these soldiers are skilled with both weapon and sorcery, making them a powerful force to behold. The most curious aspect of their garb is a helmet with no apparent visor. It would seem that one wearing the helmet would be unable to see, breath, or hear, and yet they hear, see and breath better than any normal person. The helmet is also another symbol that they are not the Eyes of Justice, they do not pass judgement on men nor decide right and wrong, they are merely the Blades of Justice, swift and unforgiving. They are known as the "Whitesword" or the "Paladins of White" and they they main source of Kaos City's military strength.

Pushing through the double doors, one would be welcomed by the sight of the Magistrate's Main Hall[x]; a grand and marvelous sight. Instantly, one's eyes are drawn to the stairway in the center of the main hall; the go up a ways before splitting to the left and right sides into a continuous balcony that spans the border of the entire hall. Doors upon doors litter the first and second floors and who knows where else. The hall itself was colored in a number of shades of blue and a number of statues and important decorative pieces seemed to be cut from sapphires. But the most impressive piece of art was the fountain placed in the middle of the hall. It featured a statue of a beautiful women blind-folded and holding scales in one hand and a sword in the other. Tyros, initiates and full-fledged guild members stroll about the place in their traditional uniform[x], which are also colored with various shades of blue. But the group that stood out the most was that of several elegantly dressed individuals surrounded by black-armored men. These were the most important members of the guild, those with leadership roles and all were surrounded by the "Blacksword" or the "Paladins of Night"[x]. They are the counter-part to the Whitesword and handle more delicate and covert missions while being the exclusive bodyguards of the guild-heads. They are even more elite-trained and effiecent at both close- and ranged-combat. At the center of them all stood the most elegantly dressed man[x] ( With an addition of a left shoulder plate and a fencer's cap ), whom exuded both power and authority, and the addition of an elegantly-crafted sword on his left side[x]. The man was not drop-dead gorgeous, but neither was he unpleasant to look at. With azurulean hair and a goatee to match, the man had calm and collected demeanor, kind yet stern, boyish yet manly. This man was none other then The Lord Azurulean, the youngest guildmaster of the Azurulean Magistrate to date and also the current guildmaster, Eirmund Gundnand.

Note: A [x] is a link and denotes a reference picture. Please note that it is not a direct reference. There may be some alterations from the picture.

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