Just What Is Kaos, Anyway? (The Details)

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Just What Is Kaos, Anyway? (The Details) Empty Just What Is Kaos, Anyway? (The Details)

Post by Revered Chaotic on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:48 am

Kaos is a sprawling cityscape so vast that it nearly covers an entire world. This mosaic of gothic spires, cobblestone plazas, dangerous slums, and acncient ruins is home to races and cultures of incredible diversity. From the smallest insect crawling through the undercity to the majestic drakes circling on the horizon, an immeasurable population resides in this megacity. A visitor could spend entire lifetimes exploring the open-air markets where everything is sold, the awe-inspiring cathedrals that dominate the horizon, or the gilded museams that display archeological find from Kaos's ancient pasr. All walks of life can be found in this city, and there is sharp contrast between places like the austere and immaculate Conclave Guildhall and the chaotic slums of the have-nots. Back-alley deals, crime syndicates, and the black market thrive in Kaos, but the true power resides with the guilds.

The various guilds are the foundation of power in Kaos, each with it's own identity and civic function. The guilds have existed for millenia. Their history is a web of wars, intrigue, and political meachinations as they vied for control of the realm. As the wild places of the world vanished under layer after layer of stonework, and resorces became scarce, each guild carved out its own sphere of influence.

For millenia, the Axim of Kaos - a magical accord - helped maintain a relative peace in the realm. The Axim has since been dissolved but so far, relative peace has persisted. However, tension builds between various guilds, and rumors of trouble can be heard in both the hallowed guildhalls and the rustic taverns on the guildless citizens.

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