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Post by Revered_Paramour on Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:53 pm

You come up to a well sized, one story building that is nestled next to the Dragon's Inferno guild. It looks new and well kept for, like the guild it is bathed in a golden light. You walk to it and try to compare the two buildings, but you shrug at the smallness. It does have the credibility of being one the two first guilds to ever be created in Kaos, so you walk in. it is actually bigger inside than outside, it has a nice fresh clean feeling to it, that reminds you of safe places. There is a big plaque hanging to the right of the entrance on the wall. It read:
Only the strong survive.

You walk forward and see a persian carpeted room, it has various pictures on the walls, of a very powerful man with blonde hair hanging in his face standing with a man with glowing purple eyes. They seem to be sharing a joke, because the blonde man is holding his stomach and there are tears in his eyes. In the corner, set in a glass case is a very old-looking; yet regal sword. It is ornate, but it is obviously a fighting man's sword. Due to the small dings in the blade of the sword.

There is a beautiful oaken desk, littered with various odds and ends, and an archaic looking AlienWare computer placed in the center of the desk. There is a book shelf lining the back wall, looking closer you see that they are an assortment of books on strategy, warfare, and honor codes throughout the ages all are in first edition.

You turn around when you hear a noise and a woman appears in thin air. You start in shock for a moment, but relax when she smiles and gives you a placating gesture. She is dressed in, what looks like robes made out of scale armor, and she has a tall jewel staff that has a giant black diamond mounted on top.

"Hello, my name is V'orgahsa. I am a warrior/mage from Arkania." She walks over to her desk and sits down.

"Hi, welcome to Dragon's Inferno Guild Station. Are you interested in joining the D.I.?" V'orgahsa said with a smile "If so than here is your application."


"Oh, before you leave, i'm just a little busy. Could you mind mailing that to Atreyu Calsatzy for me? Thanks doll,"

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